Some common questions on Supreme Force answered

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Q1.Is God or The Supreme not a difficult thing to understand?


. Apparently it looks so. Paramahansa Yogananda, however, mentions in his „Autobiography of a Yogi „God is simple-everything else is complex. Complexity is for the reason that there are hardly any men who make sincere efforts to know Him. All definitions about Him, all reasoning about Him make no sense to a person unless he puts his heart and soul into it. How many of us give time to know Him? When you do academic studies you work hard to get good grades. You spend hours and hours, days, months, years in studies. How many of us do the same for God? If I ask you to study about electro-magnetic waves you will make efforts to study from relevant books and other material available on the subject. The Supreme Force is much subtler and subtler than the EM waves. Who, of the great scientists have made efforts to know the subtlest? Only some rare saints and Rishis made efforts to know Him and their works on the subject tell us about Him. Yet, He is something not to be known from books but a subject of our own serious contemplation. Is He not throbbing in your very heart? Is anything so near to us than Him? You have simply to realize this fact; give a turn to your thought process and you will know Him. He is available everywhere, every time.

God/Allah/Rahim/Father and similar other names for God have remained with humans from the time they became conscious of sounds in the wombs of their mothers. In our homes, temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras we have been worshiping Him in one form or the other giving Him a place of highest respect. Scriptures of all religions have tried to explain Him in the way understood by the writers yet the truth is that He defies all explanations. Everything having come out of Him, the parts (all sentient and non-sentient beings) feel helpless to describe the whole. For most of us it seems sufficient to accept with faith that He is the only Reality. An individual human being has the power within himself to make a quest in the right direction to seek Him. Since this involves sacrifice, perseverance and patience most of us prefer to go the easy way.

Although we ignore God in our lives yet He never does so.

The moment He ignores we will fall dead. Is it not a pity or gross callousness to ignore a force which is very life in us? He promises His love and life for us under all conditions. Krishna says in Gita (Ch 11-V 52-55),

“Jesus said

,” Seek the kingdom of God first and everything will be added unto you.”

Lord Krishna said,

“Through unfailing devotion, Arjuna! you can know Me, see Me and attain union with Me.

The Supreme

imageSunshine.jpgFrom Author’s Book -Just 7 Days to Excellence.Please do read this and favour me with your comments.

In this post we will try to underdstand something about the ‘Supreme Force’, the Eternal and only Reality of the Universe, which governs our lives on earth.

While living our lives on earth, somehow or the other, all of us find ourselves in dark alleys showing us neither any way nor any purposeof taking birth on earth.All of us find caught up in our own dilemmas and patterns of thinking.For a normal human being it is very difficult to understand eternal verities until he is able to free himself from pretensions. The normal human mind is teeming with the repulsive life of countless world delusions. Before such delusions even struggles of battlefields pale into insignificance. He finds it so difficult to fight his own inner enenmies of doubts, worries, fear, insecurity, negative thinking and so on. His own pretensions are so mighty, omnipresent and unresting that they persue him even in his sleep. He has to learn to free himself from all these soldiers of ignorant lusts and move ahead to develop love for His Creator and also for his fellow beings on earth.

Paramahansa Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi:

” To love both the invisible God, Repository of All Virtues, and visible man, apparently possesed of none, is often bsaffling. But ingenuity is equal to the maze. Inner research soon exposes a unity of all human minds. In one sense atleast, the brotherhood of man stands revealed. An aghast humility follows this levelling discovery. It ripens into compassion for one’s fellows.”

Now we discuss something about the Supreme Force often known to common man as God.

The latest discoveries in physical science make mention of the following four forces of Nature:

1. The Strong nuclear force

2. The Electromagnetic force (EMF)

3. The Gravitational force

4. The Weak nuclear force

Strong nuclear force holds quarks and gluons together to form protons, neutrons and other particles. It is the strongest of four fundamental forces. Its typical field strength is 100 times the strength of the electromagnetic force, some 100000 times as great as that of the weak nuclear force and about 39 times 10 that of gravitation. It is also the force that binds through the principle of attraction protons and neutrons together. Here we can imagine the strength of this force by thinking how much energy is released when this bond of protons and neutrons is broken like that in the explosion of an Atom Bomb.

The EMF is a force that the electromagnetic field exerts on electrically charged particles. EMF holds electrons and protons together in atoms and also holds atoms together to form molecules.

Gravitational force is a natural phenomenon by which objects with mass attract one another. It is responsible for keeping the Earth and other planets in their orbits around the Sun, for keeping the Moon in its orbit around the Earth, for the formation of tides; for convection by which flow of fluids occurs under the influence of a temperature gradient and gravity; for heating the interiors of new forming stars and planets to very high temperatures, and for various other phenomenon observed on Earth.

Weak nuclear force is 10-11 of the strength of the electromagnetic force and 10-13 of the strong nuclear force. This causes certain forces of radioactive decay.

With all the above forces in action look at the vastness of the skies which is without any limits or boundaries. Far away from the city lights and on a clear, cool night when moon is also not shining, the sky is a marvelous thing to look at. What a majestic sea of stars, some shining more brightly than the others. Scientists also awe and wonder as to what is all this. To our unaided eyes the stars look like brilliant points of light, some a little brighter, others fainter, some colored with hues of red or blue. When we focus our telescope skyward we are aghast with the wondrous phenomenon occurring in the sky.

A natural question arises as to who is causing all this and how is this being done? From where have these forces originated? Who makes them to function continuously as such in their own spheres? Since such questions are vital to human understanding and science stops at answering these questions the mind turns to scriptures of various religions to find an answer.

We are now going to make an attempt to find an answer to this intrigue question or say, try to fathom deeper to see if we can find some pearls. Let us then make ourselves free of the background of all the cultures, of all patterns of thinking and feeling. Even the idea of being a man or a woman, or even human should be discarded. The ocean of life contains all and not only humans. Abandon all self identifications, stop thinking of yourself as such and such, so and so or this and that. A beautiful mind in which the Force that made you is itself shining will form the right ground for reflection of truth in you.

Imagine and go back to the times when there was no universe and the space was completely empty. Beyond the smallest of material particles there existed a self-aware, self-luminous, loving and intelligent light. Complete peace and bliss filled every nook of the void. Contained in the vast subtle body of light were all the noble attributes of trust, purity, steadfastness, fearlessness, renunciation, peace, forgiveness, patience, straightforwardness, almsgiving, compassion, self-restraint, modesty, radiance. Though everything was so wonderful and blissful yet there was none else to enjoy that peace and bliss except the One who possessed all these things within Himself. The all-loving heart of this Being (let us call Him Supreme) thought that let there may be a creation endowed with all my qualities to enjoy these wonderful feelings within Me. This thought of the Supreme prompted a sound to come out of His Being and filled whole of the cosmos with it. This sound first vibrated into cosmic light and then into cosmic intelligence filling all the space with these two primary forces.

The cosmic intelligence then working in conjunction with the love power or the power of attraction of the Supreme created innumerable stars and planets. He then peopled them with beings in His own image who, although they were actually a part of Him, could enjoy Him and His dream creation as separate individualities. The only way that He could give the created beings such a feeling of individuality was to cast over all the individuals an illusion of separateness, which came to be known in the world as Maya or cosmic delusion. The Supreme Himself became the ocean and the creation His waves. The waves remain as individual waves as long as the storms of delusion whip the ocean. If the storm of delusion was to cease, the waves would also sink back into the ocean. In order to make this drama of creation-making storm of delusion perpetually running, the Supreme gave it individuality also, and the power to go on independently creating and maintaining the universe.

Consider the case of an individual living on Earth, like any of us, who is highly prosperous, is very rich, and has excellent bungalow to live in and every other thing needed at his command. Unfortunately, this person has no children and whenever this thought occupies his mind he becomes sad and feels that he should have some children to enjoy his fortune. He then tries various methods at his command to have children and when even all such methods also fail he goes to adopt a child.

In spite of creating the illusion of Maya/delusion the Extremely Subtle Omnipresent Supreme sustains by its all pervading light issuing from the Cosmic Consciousness all the subtle forms of consciousness and all grosser manifestations of creation. This unseen beam of light from the Supreme gives reality to the animate and inanimate objects in the cosmic motion picture perceived by various instruments of human cognition—ego, feelings, intuition, mind and the senses. Solids, liquids, fire and light (energy), air (life force), and ether, as also mind and ego, are all relativities of one essence- The Supreme’s one light of cosmic consciousness. He shines in Suns, moons, stars and everything. Nothing can exist without Him whether it is His grosser manifestation or subtler.

The Supreme’s power of attraction responsible for forming stars, planets is operating as a law in the Cosmos. Everything in the Universe is revolving around this power of attraction. In our human bodies this law is working perfectly as it worked in the creation of the Universe. This is happening without even our noticing it.

Since everything has emanated from Him alone (The only Single Reality) He is the essence of all knowledge. He is the Source of all wisdom in the scriptures of various religions. He is the Omniscient Knower of all truth to be known and the Author of complete knowledge. He directs the process of all human cognition. He is the consciousness of all sentient beings, angels, deities, yogis, ordinary men, goblins, animals and all other forms of life.

Further Journey into Quest for Life

With the dawn of a new “yuga‟( Upward cycle of Time started from 1700 AD-Will be discussed in a separate post) a time has come when the question of meaning and purpose of life has become most important of all other things we are doing. Many people feel caught up in the routines of daily living that seems to deprive their life of significance. Some feel life is passing them or has already passed. Others feel severely restricted by the demands of their jobs and a supporting family or by their financial or living situations. Some feel too much stress; oth-ers feel boredom and so on.

The main reason for all this is that man is ignorant of his strength and weaknesses. He hardly knows that he is a child of God. His very power to live life on earth is derived from God who is ever present in him as his soul. The moment the soul leaves he drops dead. He inherits from his Father His own kingdom, His own image and above all a free will to act the way he likes. Mother earth nourishes him, cradles him, plays with him and provides him with abundant means of happiness. Minerals, fruits, vegetables, grains, air, water, sun say everything has been given to him for his happy living. Does all this not exhort us to awaken to the all around presence of that Supreme Force which is constantly helping us to live a happy life on earth?

To lead a right kind of life the basic necessity would be to understand the working of Cosmic Laws (Those subtle laws which the Supreme has put into work to run the Cosmos) which affect our every process, thought and action. The only way to do this is to set aside a time to regularly do some kind of Sadhna (Spiritual Practice)like meditation under the guidance of a true guru and reflect upon the silence in meditation that contains answers to everything.

Everyone has his own private mind woven with memories held together by desires and fears. Any kind of advises or sermons will hardly have any effect unless one is properly tuned in to the workings of cosmic laws. Once you are inwardly integrated, other knowledge comes to you spontaneously. At every moment of your life you know what you need to know. In the ocean of universal mind all knowledge is contained. It is yours on demand.

Note: In the next post we will discuss some more things about the Supreme Force that governs our lives on earth.

From the Book-Just 7 Days

From Author’s book Just 7 Days to Excellence. Please offer comments.image

Balancing Our Lives


Everything in nature is working in balance. Sun, Earth, Moon and countless other stars and planets are revolving in their own orbits in a complete balance. Any object which loses its balance falls down and gets destroyed. Our body itself is a perfect balance on its feet.

What does’ balancing our lives’ means? Balancing material, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives and living in harmony with our surroundings.

We all want to have a healthy body, free of problems and weaknesses. We don’t want it to be a hindrance. We want our minds to be alert and our emotions and feelings to be working for us and not against us; we want them to contribute to harmonious and fulfilling relations with those around us. Overall, each one of us wants to remain happy and joyful under all circumstances. This important aspect of our lives is effectively fulfilled by nurturing our souls with spiritual efforts i.e. practices connecting our lives daily to God, the Spirit. Let us consider each aspect one by one.


Generally speaking, the bodies up to the age of 30 years do not pose any visible problems whether we have been exercising them or not. All kinds of diets are also OK up to this age. While climbing the next step on the ladder and approaching the age of 40, punctures start appearing here and there and a kind of struggling enters. This is especially so if we have not been exercising the bodies enough (walking is also an exercise). Age of 50 brings in heavier responsibilities of maintaining a family with grown up children. Bodies also start getting tired. We go on patching and re-patching the bodies to keep them moving up to the age of 60 years. While approaching the age of 60 years we generally free ourselves from family responsibilities, marriages and settlement of children etc. Now the time comes when wear and tear of the body starts showing its signs. Most of the time body becomes a trouble: more so when we had not been exercising enough to keep it fit. A few people now adopt to yoga exercises. Although it is never too late to adopt any good measure at any age yet in the case of bodily exercises this causes problems. Limbs get stiff, ligaments, tendons get worn out. Uric acid starts accumulating in joints, high blood pressure, back pains and similar other problems start showing up. Some spark plug gets missed or the tires give out. Slowly, slowly we move towards dependence on medicines and the show goes flop.

You can now yourself understand why it is important to start doing bodily exercises right from the young age, eat balanced food and play some outdoor games to keep the body well balanced irrespective of age.

The Soul is nourished by regular meditation on its Source


Our souls are a direct reflection of the aspect of God in us. The soul power like electricity running the machines in a factory, works through every cell of our bodies and enables us to live. When the electricity goes out all machines stop working. Similarly when the soul leaves the body it drops dead and is discarded.

Is this simple fact not sufficient to exhort us to seek soul-contact with its Source to continue to receive the strength needed everyday to go ahead? Is it not a most natural aspect of our lives? How can we remain satisfied till we contact the very power that enlivens us?

Many parts of our lives need to be brought into balance and they seem to conflict with each other. Responsibilities to our families, earning a living, maintaining our health, giving attention to our spiritual lives, keeping up with the plethora of information required to function in the world today, our duties to community and the myriads of other demands on our time and energy continue to create imbalances. The more complex our lives become, the more we need to realize that there is only one point of reliable balance- and that is in God only. There is nothing else to depend upon. Every other thing will fail you. Only the light of God pervades everything and underlies all our material and spiritual activities. Sooner or later this lesson has to be learnt and none can run away from it how hard he may try. One day you have to kneel down and cry, ‘Beloved Lord, help me’!

Foreword to the Book–‘Just 7 Days- to Excellence’

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                                              Just 7 Days——-to Excellence

                             (A practical guide to the highest goal of human life)

The process of life from childhood to old age brings its own rewards and challenges. Life’s governing machinery ‘mind’ pulls it on its even and uneven roads depending upon its own development. In a normal human being this wondrous faculty of mind remains focused generally on world perceivable by senses. Its emotional involvement further complicates the process and affects our decision making capacity. Despite knowledge of many details of the psychophysical realm the mind lacks knowledge of fundamental truths.

The lower types of humanity in all nations’ finds pleasure in the senses while the cultured and educated find it in thought, philosophy, in arts and sciences. Spirituality is still on a higher plane as the subject in this case in Infinite Force. The pleasure here is the highest for those who make efforts and appreciate it.

Swami Vivekananda said:

The main string of every race lies in its spirituality; the death of that race begins the day when spiritualism wanes and materialism takes over. If we read history of all the nations between the lines ,we will find that rise of the nation came with an immense increase in the number of men pursuing spirituality and the fall began when the pursuit of the Infinite ceased.

The goal of human life cannot be mere taking birth, maturing to childhood, adulthood, marriage, children, acquiring house, property and then disappearing into oblivion. There must be some higher purpose which becomes visible only when we start connecting ourselves to the Force which enlivens and sustains our lives and gives it a direction to satisfy all our needs and aspirations.

Mind control thus becomes the most important learning factor in the school of life. The Book besides placing before the reader practical ways of mind control, purely on scientific basis, also attempts to give fundamental knowledge about the Supreme Force, its Creation, the Yuga cycles affecting lives on earth, knowledge about Bodies, Mind and Soul, Balanced living and achieving excellence in all walks of life. 

The contents in the book’ Just 7 Days'( Published recently and available on go through the story of a young IIT graduate entering into the world and getting confused and lost. Participation in a spiritual workshop for seven days inspires him and puts him on a journey to achieve all around success.

Introduction to ‘Just 7 Days’—-to excellence

c Introduction


Common man on earth is bewildered and confused in the dark alleys in which he finds himself at this time of history. Being a child of God his one side pulls him to his home in God and the other side keeps him engaged in fruitless activities born out of ego. Greed, hatred, jealousies have become a part of his life on earth.

Whole of the humanity has been under the influence of darkest period (700BC to 1700 AD) of the Yuga cycle of 24,000 years. During this period man went into complete ignorance and was unable to comprehend finer forces of nature. Though he has now left behind that period and is moving into new light the legacy of earlier periods is hanging on to him. This is the time when he needs encouragement from liberated souls to show him way out of the darkness. Although natural working of the universe is that as we advance through life, we will be sent specific people and circumstances to teach us the lessons we most need to learn at that stage of life yet humans have to become aware of this reality through their own efforts and get serious in learning the lessons.


          With the awakening of higher consciousness we find all around upsurge in spirituality. More and more people are gathering around spiritually enlightened saints to listen to their discourses. More and more religious places of worship are coming up. We often listen and read that surrender to God is the remedy for divine realization or that recitation of some specific mantras will help attain divine attunement. We are also taught to be sincere, honest and efficient, to love all equally, practice humility, practice forgiveness, to  be fearless, have positive attitude, be simple ,have no desires, etc. We, however find ourselves unable to practically adopt any such qualities. Our thoughts are mostly dominated by material desires and trivial things.

Sitting at the base and looking at the top will not help us to get to the top. We have to seek ladders and learn climbing. The ladders are with God-realized souls and they are the only one who can make us learn climbing to accelerate our progress in the realization of God.

Many people have talked about God, have wondered about Him and read about Him but few have really realized Him. Only those who have realized Him know Him. It is like being unable to describe the taste of an orange till it has actually been tasted.

Man because of his innate nature as soul often gets pulled towards God but is not able to make a real effort. He is not opposed to listening talks about God but finds himself helpless when those don’t lead him to conclusions. The delusion/Maya is so strong to an average man that most of the time he finds himself succumbed to it. Thoughts and talks of God remain only in flashes in the background.

Almost all of us find ourselves in dark alleys showing neither any path nor the goal to which we are heading to. The dogmatic beliefs in religions provide only some solace but not the satisfaction the soul needs. The twenty-first century man is not opposed to religion. He is rather indifferent to it and confused like Arjuna in the battlefield. He is not an atheist nor an agnostic, nor a skeptic of the nineteenth-century type. The change in attitude towards religion is mainly on account of coming up of higher yugas and abundant availability of books written by realized souls and also due to phenomenal advances in scientific thought and communication technology. Man’s conception of the Universe does not contradict the existence of God as Supreme Being beyond the range of sense perceptions. The modern man does not deny God but has a tendency to ignore Him.

The point is this. If we do not include in our scheme of life any higher existence beyond, our minds naturally become focused on the world perceivable by the senses. As a result the sensuous outlook on life prevails. Knowledge is cultivated for material ends. Sense appetites are insatiable by nature. If not regulated they debase the mind.

While the spiritual outlook on life tends to strengthen man’s moral nature, the sensuous outlook weakens it. Reason does not properly function unless the mind is free from emotional involvement. Mere intelligence without inner purity often turns a man into a clever animal capable of exploiting the world. Another deficiency of the modern mind is its lack of knowledge of the fundamental truths, despite its knowledge of many details of the psychophysical realm. We need the knowledge of the unseen in order to understand the seen. To realize oneness of the individual self with the Supreme Self is the goal of human life.

Connecting ourselves to God (The Supreme Force), the only Reality and the repository of all virtues paves the way for our own excellence. Connection to the Supreme Force presupposes love and love presupposes knowledge of Him. Without knowing we cannot love and without love we cannot succeed.

In order to develop love for God and make efforts to know Him this book is an attempt to place before the reader plain and known facts relating to the Supreme Force, His creative Force, the Universe, the World Yuga cycles and about man’s own existence on earth which normally remain ignored. Love for Him will prompt us to sit in meditation on Him and reap the highest benefits of life. The book also contains practical ways to do individual meditations as well as conducted meditations in groups.

Whole drama of creation revolves around the miracle faculty of mind. No doubt it is as hard to control as the wind yet the scriptures of various religions aver and the evolved souls tell us that the mind can be brought under control with practice and detachment. The mind is our tool to practice and struggle and it is also our goal on perfection.

The book also attempts to give practical knowledge in effective mind control and how regular practice and sincerity of approach can put it on road to excellence in all fields. All of us know that when the mind is calm, quiet and peaceful how it is able to take right decisions at right times. Also included in the book are glimpses and solutions leading to man’s overall welfare and happiness on earth. In just 7 days of an enlightening workshop it endeavors to place before the reader a blue print, a package of ways leading to realization of truth.

With the development of spiritual outlook on life a person clearly apprehends the true purpose of life. The world we live in, howsoever real it may appear to be, is far from an ideal existence. It gives no assurance even for the fulfillment of our legitimate hopes and desires.

The story revolves around a young IIT graduate, how he enters the world and joins Corporate Sector in Information Technology field, gets involved and then confused; how he is able to come out of it and in just 7 days finds his path to excellence and helps others to see the light and bring inspirational improvements in Corporate Sector.

As a human being like all others, my heart throbs with love for people. This prompted me to write and share with you experiences of my own life. This writing is a sort of prayer for the reader who may like to similarly pray for others when he goes through the lines of this book.



Pace of this world…

“While small minded men cry “Impossible” the pathfinders of the world calmly pursue their goals and demonstrate that the impossible was, instead,  inevitable.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda


In the present day global scenario the acceleration of economic growth has brought out a sea change in the prosperity and standards of living of the people.  But it has only  aggravated the real problem of discontentment, dissatisfaction and disharmony which is consuming the individual.  It is thus imperative to change or transform the quality of mind perception and awareness, as without transformation of mind and reorientation of attitude, no amount of external change  PerInning to humans would have any perceptible impact.

Over 2% of the population in Europe suffers from the anxiety and restlessness that such a pace of life is causing.  The lines between personal life and professional life are blurring.  We need to refocus our energies and find a purpose in order to keep  progressing and not let this pace take us over.  We need to become the pathfinders that lead this world.

in his book Just 7 Days to Excellence, the author has focused precisely on this vital aspect in simple and lucid style(From Preface to the Book).