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My given name (author of ‘Just 7 Days to Excellence’) is Amrit Gupta son of Late Shri Gurcharan Dass Gupta. I was born and brought up in a pious Hindu family of erstwhile Patiala State. This State now forms a district of Punjab, India. Saints often used to visit our home as father took keen interest in them and wanted all his children to develop spiritually.

My whole education was in Patiala city from where I graduated in Physics and Maths in the year 1959(Punjab University). I could not continue my studies as financial constraints in the family pushed me to seek a job.

In August, 1960 I got a job in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department and joined at Shimla at the age of 19 years. After quickly qualifying all the prescribed departmental examinations I started rising in my career and for most of the time involved in preparation and printing of Audit Reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on the Accounts of Govt. of Punjab. In the year 1982 I got a prestigious posting for three years to India Audit office, Washington DC in USA. There we were involved in audit of Indian Embassies and other Govt. of India offices abroad like Tea Board and Air India etc. After completion of my term I came back to India and worked in senior supervisory positions in the department in Chandigarh. The work involved audit of Govt. and commercial undertakings besides performance appraisal of Plan schemes.

In the year 1993, I was taken in the prestigious Indian Audit & Accounts Service (an allied branch of Indian Administrative Service like IPS, IFS, IRS etc). With effect from 1st April, 2001 I retired from the service on superannuation at the age of 60 years. My last stint of posting for 3 and half-years was on deputation with the Haryana Govt. as Controller of Finance and Accounts in Haryana Agricultural Marketing Board.

I was married in the year 1967. We have two sons. Both are Computer Professionals and settled in USA and UK.

This was all about my life on material side about which I feel abundantly satisfied.

Now about the other side of life:

Having been brought up in religious background I often used to ask my father even at the age of 12 years as to who Gurus are and how do they teach you Sadhna. In the year 1959 when I had completed my graduation my father asked me to go and listen to a monk who was visiting from USA. He was Swami Kriyananda, a disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Author of Autobiography of a Yogi), Gurudeva and founder of Yogoda Satsanga Society in India (1917) and Self-Realization Fellowship (1925) in USA. I was highly impressed by the teachings but could not formally join the Society as their lesson member until 1986 after completion of my posting in USA. Such is the delusion and work of Maya.


Although it took me 27 years to join the Society and find my Guru in Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, the Lord compensated for the delay by making me a loyal student of the teachings. After 3 years my wife also joined me and this enabled both of us to practice and follow Guru’s teachings. Together we have been following the teachings for the last 27 years. In the local Center of the Society at Chandigarh I served in various capacities as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-chairman, Chairman etc. The key message in the Society is meditation irrespective whether you are happy or sad. Slowly, slowly we grew up in doing meditations for longer periods. In the local center meditations for 3 hours are done once in a week and for 6 hours once in a month. After our retirement from service I and my wife are both regularly able to do meditations morning and evening for at least 4 hours daily besides regular two-time exercises prescribed.


At this time when both of us grown to over 70 years of age the discipline and sincerity of purpose learned under the guidance of monks of the Society who are virtually role  models prompted me to share the teachings with others. I had developed a flair for writing while in service. It was about two years back when we were in USA spending time with our son hat a thought came during my meditations that I should start writing something on the various shades of learning in spirituality from my master.

This finally resulted into a book titled ‘Just 7 Days to Ezcellence’. It is an inspiring tale of young Information Technology graduate. The book has been published by Unistar Books Pvt. Ltd SCO 26-27, Sector 34A , Chandigarh, India 160022. There is no motive either for profit or fame except that of doing God’s work for his own children. The book is virtually a package to self-help and personal growth in an easy and understanding way.

The book is available either from the publishers or  Online from www.flipkart.com  or www.amazon.in. The email address of publishers is   unistarbooks@gmail.com

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