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From the Book-Just 7 Days

From Author’s book Just 7 Days to Excellence. Please offer comments.image

Balancing Our Lives


Everything in nature is working in balance. Sun, Earth, Moon and countless other stars and planets are revolving in their own orbits in a complete balance. Any object which loses its balance falls down and gets destroyed. Our body itself is a perfect balance on its feet.

What does’ balancing our lives’ means? Balancing material, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives and living in harmony with our surroundings.

We all want to have a healthy body, free of problems and weaknesses. We don’t want it to be a hindrance. We want our minds to be alert and our emotions and feelings to be working for us and not against us; we want them to contribute to harmonious and fulfilling relations with those around us. Overall, each one of us wants to remain happy and joyful under all circumstances. This important aspect of our lives is effectively fulfilled by nurturing our souls with spiritual efforts i.e. practices connecting our lives daily to God, the Spirit. Let us consider each aspect one by one.


Generally speaking, the bodies up to the age of 30 years do not pose any visible problems whether we have been exercising them or not. All kinds of diets are also OK up to this age. While climbing the next step on the ladder and approaching the age of 40, punctures start appearing here and there and a kind of struggling enters. This is especially so if we have not been exercising the bodies enough (walking is also an exercise). Age of 50 brings in heavier responsibilities of maintaining a family with grown up children. Bodies also start getting tired. We go on patching and re-patching the bodies to keep them moving up to the age of 60 years. While approaching the age of 60 years we generally free ourselves from family responsibilities, marriages and settlement of children etc. Now the time comes when wear and tear of the body starts showing its signs. Most of the time body becomes a trouble: more so when we had not been exercising enough to keep it fit. A few people now adopt to yoga exercises. Although it is never too late to adopt any good measure at any age yet in the case of bodily exercises this causes problems. Limbs get stiff, ligaments, tendons get worn out. Uric acid starts accumulating in joints, high blood pressure, back pains and similar other problems start showing up. Some spark plug gets missed or the tires give out. Slowly, slowly we move towards dependence on medicines and the show goes flop.

You can now yourself understand why it is important to start doing bodily exercises right from the young age, eat balanced food and play some outdoor games to keep the body well balanced irrespective of age.

The Soul is nourished by regular meditation on its Source


Our souls are a direct reflection of the aspect of God in us. The soul power like electricity running the machines in a factory, works through every cell of our bodies and enables us to live. When the electricity goes out all machines stop working. Similarly when the soul leaves the body it drops dead and is discarded.

Is this simple fact not sufficient to exhort us to seek soul-contact with its Source to continue to receive the strength needed everyday to go ahead? Is it not a most natural aspect of our lives? How can we remain satisfied till we contact the very power that enlivens us?

Many parts of our lives need to be brought into balance and they seem to conflict with each other. Responsibilities to our families, earning a living, maintaining our health, giving attention to our spiritual lives, keeping up with the plethora of information required to function in the world today, our duties to community and the myriads of other demands on our time and energy continue to create imbalances. The more complex our lives become, the more we need to realize that there is only one point of reliable balance- and that is in God only. There is nothing else to depend upon. Every other thing will fail you. Only the light of God pervades everything and underlies all our material and spiritual activities. Sooner or later this lesson has to be learnt and none can run away from it how hard he may try. One day you have to kneel down and cry, ‘Beloved Lord, help me’!