What is Spirituality

The Oxford dictionary (Advanced Learner’s) defines spirituality as the quality of being concerned with religion or human spirit. The Wikipedia defines the term as the concept of an ultimate-an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being- or the deepest values and meanings by which people live.”Though these definitions throw some light on the subject but these are not sufficient to make us understand complete meanings of the word.

The root of the word ‘Spirituality’ is Spirit. The word ‘Spirit’ stands for the Ultimate, the Almighty or God and practicing things relating to ‘Spirit’ or God would give us the right understanding of the word ‘spirituality’.

Normally, when someone uses the word ‘spirituality’, the commonly understood meaning or feeling is that the matter relates to another world of religion or philosophy or that It may have something to do with winged angels but not much with practical life. An average person seems to be rather indifferent to it. Such a feeling may be for the reason that results in the path of spirituality are not tangible. Let us try to look at it in a wider perspective.

Only One Reality

The words- ‘Spirit, God, Reality, Truth are identical. The Single, One and only One Entity sustains by its omnipresent consciousness, the whole of the Cosmos, including billions of stars, galaxies, planets, etc. Thought of the Supreme Entity to bring about a creation, prompted a sound to come out of His Being and filled the whole of the Cosmos with it. The sound, first vibrated into cosmic light and then into cosmic intelligence filling all the space with these two primary forces. This sound is thus the first manifestation of God in creation and is known as Aum, Amin or Amen in almost all different religions of the world. It is a matrix for whole of the creation.

How Creation Came into Being

The cosmic intelligence working in conjunction with the power of attraction of the Supreme created innumerable stars and planets. This Force then peopled planets like Earth with beings in its own image. Birds, animals, plants, minerals and various other forms of life also came into being. Whole of this process was done through different expressions of the cosmic intelligence. These expressions came to be known as cosmic laws. Since the process of creation followed specific laws/principles, its sustenance is also done under these laws. Thus, the Cosmic Laws followed for creation and its sustenance are the founding principles of creation. They are always working, whether we are conscious of them or not.

Workings of Cosmic Laws

The Cosmic Laws neither break nor bend. The human mind, however, endowed with free will has the capacity to distort them or bend them, temporarily, for selfish ends. It follows, therefore, that the more we know of these laws, the more we will understand ourselves and of the total life we are leading. The only thing that will not change in our lives is the cosmic laws.

Through the right understanding and application of these laws in a positive, constructive and creative manner we become a master of life and promote our spiritual growth. Those who remain ignorant of these laws simply go through life lamenting their ‘fate’ which no being, God or otherwise has predetermined except such individuals themselves.

 Destiny of Humanity

Humanity, as a whole has a collective destiny determined by the Supreme (God) at respective stages of its evolutionary growth. When it comes to personal destiny, its creation lies a great deal within one’s own hands. The freedom of choice or independent will given by the Almighty to each individual enables him to align himself with the cosmic laws to enjoy heaven or to oppose them and create his own hell. Paramahansa Yogananda says that ignorance of God’s cosmic laws of life is a ‘sin’. Only by living in harmony with His laws do we accomplish the noble purpose of human existence. God never punishes us for our faults; we punish ourselves according to the law of cause and effect. The wages of sin is death. Old age, worries, disease and death are only a few of the effects of sin, or ignorance of the universal law.

Understanding Cosmic Laws

For a proper understanding of the subject we are discussing, let us have a look at some of these known laws, operating in relation to our lives, out of hundreds of such laws:

Law of cosmic awareness; The laws of Love, Mercy, Gratitude, Karma, Forgiveness, Compassion, Patience, Respect, Example, Tolerance, Unity, Honesty, Co-creation/ Harmony, Peace, Justice, Privacy, Security, Authority, Courage, Free-will, Dharma, Affection, Prosperity, Enthusiasm, Reality, etc.

The beauty of cosmic laws is that they are inter-related. You invoke one and you invoke many others. For example: You practice ‘love’ and so many other laws like Mercy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, Patience, Respect, Peace, Justice will fall in line and help you. Spirituality, as expressed in love, forgiveness and compassion has no caste, no creed, no sects, and no divisions. It does not know any boundaries.

Love, the law of all laws, is the greatest thing present in whole of creation. It is the spiritual quality of every religion, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, or any other. Love is not an attribute of God, it is God Himself. Whole of the creation blossoms and springs in love. It makes life, a wonderful journey.

In the physical realm cosmic laws are usually known by their effects. The laws, as well as causes of their effects, are unseen, having their origin in higher dimensions. For example: we call our distant friends and relatives, thousands of miles away, on phones and instantly we get connected. In conversations, the voices are travelling thousands of miles without loss of time. Where the space between two people goes in such conversations? If you ask some literate person how is this happening; he will say that this is being done through EMF waves. But who is causing these EMF waves? Thousands of people are conversing every moment, yet their voices don’t mix up. Even tones do not change. Aren’t these great phenomena of the cosmic laws?

Capacity of Human Mind

The human mind, freed from the disturbances or “static” of restlessness, is empowered to perform all functions of complicated radio mechanisms—sending as well as receiving thoughts and turning out undesirable ones. All thoughts vibrate eternally in the cosmos. They are universally rooted and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived.

All men have only limited knowledge and this becomes the cause of all their sufferings. Humanity has now entered into a new Yuga. Proper knowledge of the highly advanced science governing these laws can push humanity into prosperity. By knowing the causes of effects of cosmic laws and by tracing the causation of life’s manifold manifestations, we begin to learn to abide by them and even applying or tapping them for our own benefit. By doing so we may overcome or avoid many unnecessary hardships and struggles in life. Knowing the causes of our problems, by understanding cosmic laws and principles, we learn to take proper control and give direction to our lives. A master of these laws is master-Vegas, an adept.

Spirituality Defined

We can now attempt to define ‘Spirituality’ as a process of knowing, understanding and application of cosmic laws designed by the Cosmic Director to run His universe.

Spirituality kindles, sustains and enhances enthusiasm and enthusiasm is what drives us to our goals. We need to see ourselves as universal people to obtain a holistic personality, where there is appreciation for all ways of life and culture.

Since domain of the cosmic laws is in higher dimensions and they are working perfectly in their own spheres, a study of these laws is the highest science yet to be explored by the humanity. Modern science does know some physical, chemical or biological laws but is yet unaware of the science of cosmic laws.

Note: Hints on practicing spirituality will be dealt with in the next blog.

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