Story of Supreme’s Loving Compassion

img07.jpgEncouraged by hearty response to the Blog’The Supreme’from many of you, I share a story of Supreme’s loving compassion:

(From Author’s Book ‘Just 7 Days to Excellence’)

May be you have heard this story earlier. Still I hope you would  enjoy as God’s love flows in this story. Through this story you will understand and like to practice God’s loving presence..
“Once a blessed devotee prayed to God to be his friend.
The Lord agreed to be his friend and promised that He will be with him in all circumstances of life”.
“A time came when the devotee had to walk a long distance
through the desert. Before starting he called upon the Lord to
accompany him on this long journey. They started the journey
together. While walking, the devotee was time and again
looking back to see that the Lord was with him by ensuring
that there were four foot- prints on the sand (two for each of them).

However, when he was passing through difficult terrain
and high dunes, he could see only two foot prints. He got
worried and was annoyed with the Lord thinking that the
Lord left him whenever difficult terrain came”.
“At the end of the journey he felt tired and in a choking
voice asked the Lord who was standing beside him as to why
He had left him in difficult moments and on uneven terrain.
The Lord smiled and said,” Oh, my dear! I never left you even for a moment. When you saw only two footprints, I was then carrying you in my arms”.

“This is how the Lord is compassionate and takes care of all of us even in difficult times.


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