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Quest for life starts in the unknown and ends in the unknown. The Almighty has provided us great help in this quest by decorating our abode for life, the beautiful blue planet’ Earth’ with seas, mountains, rivers, trees, plants,etc.

The process of life from childhood to old age brings its own rewards and challenges. Life’s governing machinery’ mind’ pulls it on its even and uneven roads depending upon its own development.

The Cosmic laws designed by God to run His Universe are working for the compete welfare of all of us. Nothing happens on earth which is undesirable. All incidents are properly blessed in character and are what they ought to be.

As human beings we are all one-no caste, creed or colour. Same blood flows in all veins. All divisions of nations, colours or castes are man made.

Each of us is connected to each other at an unseen level. We are all brothers and sisters of the same family. Happiness comes from giving and supporting the growth of others into their greatest selves. Real happiness is our goal and our religion too.

There is a song inside all of us. Allow the music within you to sing. Each and every one of us is a special creature, endowed with miraculous capacities and unbelievable abilities.

This web-site has been designed to provide a forum for sharing thoughts on the sweet journey from unknown to known, called life.

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